Great Wood Hall is located in the village of Upper Tean.

The hall was originally part of Great Wood Primary School and now Provides Community facilities/building/open space for meetings, parties, shows, clubs, youth club, keep fit classes, martial arts and other past time activities and events.

 A look back in time to 2015 - Great Wood Hall Purchase

1st October 2015

On the 1st October 2015 Great Wood Hall was officially purchased from Staffordshire County Council with the help of Checkley Parish Council and the original Tean Village Hall Committee.

Tean Village Hall Committee officially became Great Wood Hall Committee and took over management of Great Wood Hall.

 A look back in time to 2005 - Tean Village Hall

 In 2005 Great Wood Hall was known as Tean Village Hall, during this year Tean Village Hall held an extravaganza programme to raise funds for the Tean Village Hall relocation to the new Great Wood Hall.

 looking back even further in time

view from Hollington Road/Vicarage Road  junction - before the windows were lowered.

painting of Great Wood Hall when it was Great Wood School - before the windows were lowered.

school children 

photo taken in 1953 - did you notice the windows are now lowered.

notice the turnstile, fencing and gate.

this room is now the main hall, look at how high the windows were.

school children - do you know which room this is now ?

Mr P.W.Taylor

School Headteacher for 35 years

Great Wood School History and memories - opened in 1855



Ivy School memories

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